Salem in October

This time last year we were up to our ears in Halloween party preparations and while we get super excited about our yearly party, the time and energy we put into it also makes us feel super tired.  At that time we made a decision that this year we would take off from throwing a big party and instead we would do something else fun and different that we don’t usually have time for in October.  One thing that Colleen and I have always wanted to do ever since falling in love with Hocus Pocus and witch stories in general was go to Salem in October.  It is definitely a bucket list item for both of us and so we decided to jump on the opportunity.  If you can believe it, we actually had to make reservations close to a year ago and when we booked it, they were almost sold out of rooms at our hotel which is one of the only ones in Salem.  We opted not to go right at Halloween but a few weekends earlier so we could enjoy giving out candy at our own houses.   And so this weekend, we are flying up and spending a lovely October weekend in Salem and we are pretty much beside ourselves with excitement.  Could there be a better place to be to celebrate Halloween than Salem? We are hoping not.   If any of you have been and have any recommendations, please let us know.  Apart from one tour and eating delicious food and drinking apple cider, we have no set plans for the weekend and instead plan to go where our feet take us.  We will be back next week and I am sure I will have plenty of pictures of the festivities to share.

salem bucket list



  1. Taylor

    If you venture out of Salem and want to have the best roast beef sandwich in this nation, drive on over to Beverly, Mass. and hit up Nick’s Roast Beef. I still think about the sandwich I had there 10 years ago and crave it ALL the time. Boston is a great city but if you don’t have time to do much I also recommend Gloucester and Rockport. Rockport reminds me of Blowing Rock by the water… very charming. The small towns in New England are just pure Americana. Have SO much fun! I cannot wait to hear all about it.

  2. Mrs Limestone

    Ive never been for all the same reasons you mention but I’m excited to hear all about it through your eyes. Have a great time.

  3. Ashlee

    I am so jealous and excited for you guys! I actually looked into booking a trip to Boston/Salem/Concord/Stockbridge earlier this year for this very weekend! It didn’t end up working out for this year, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for next. My love of Halloween and fall has always had me wanting to get up east in October. Can’t wait to hear all about it!