Hi!  Thought I would pop in for a quick happenings post.  I know that Colleen had mentioned this a few weeks ago but we have had a few questions about it since then so I thought I would mention it again.  We are very sad to report that we will not be having a Halloween party this year.  Apart from last year’s wiping us out completely, Colleen has this big old test she has to take for work at the end of October and most of her spare time has to go to studying for that right now.  It certainly isn’t as fun, but that is real life I suppose.  We did plan a little trip for ourselves to a very Halloweeny place to make up from our lack of Halloween party and we will be sharing that with y’all along with some other fun things like my Halloween decorations throughout the month.  Even though we are not having a party, my house still gets pretty festive.

Here are some things that have been going on lately…

Happenings 10.7 skull blog

The first and most exciting thing is that I got a big surprise the other week.  A friend of Corey’s family (and now mine) read my blog post about things that I wanted for Halloween.  In it I mentioned that a skull decanter that I wanted badly from Pottery Barn  was all sold out.  Well, she went out to her local Pottery Barn and found it for me and then had it shipped.  Can you even believe how wonderful she is?  I was totally blown away and it definitely made my month.  Thanks so much, Tammy!  My Halloween cocktail situation has suddenly gotten real good.

happenings 10.7 juice blog

While I have been enjoying my decanter, the cats were pretty delighted with the box that it came in and scattering the packing materials about in my kitchen.

happenings 10.7 kayak blog

I went kayaking up on the Smith River this past weekend and it was incredibly beautiful and very fally.  Particularly when the wind blew and the leaves fell down on us.

happenings 10.7 logo blog

I have been working on logos for us and this is what it typically looks like when I work on something like this.  A bunch a scribble all over the page until I figure out what I like.  Now I just have to figure out how to digitize it without it looking crappy.  Not my favorite part.

happenings 10.7 decor blog

I have some of my decorations up but have quite a lot more to do.  I am hoping to get some time to work on them this week and weekend.


  1. Mrs Limestone

    No halloween party? Say it ain’t so 🙂

    Great idea to plan a Halloween trip. There are so many cool events around this time of year but I can never go b/c Im busy. Maybe I should cancel my Halloween party next year to do it.

  2. Marilyn

    The decanter is so interesting! I have never seen one like it. Unique!