A Haunted Speakeasy

A Haunted Speakeasy: Free Printables

There wasn’t a huge amount of signage at our Speakeasy, partially because I was tired and sitting on my tuckus watching TV seemed better than making more signs, and partially because the party didn’t really need that many.  The ones I did make turned out pretty cute because – let’s be honest – deco fonts are just good lookin.  Here are a couple that you guys can use if you ever decide to throw a 20’s party, and you really probably should.  It’s a good time.  Print on standard 8.5 x 11 card stock and use as you would like.  For the drink signs, pretty frames make a world of difference.


Gin Rickey Drink Sign Printable: GinRickeySignTwoDelighted


The Hearse Drink Sign Printable: TheHearseSignTwoDelighted


Condemned Sign Printable: CondemnedTwoDelighted



Dessert Signs Printable: DessertSignsTwoDelighted


Bar Sign Printable: BarThisWayTwoDelighted

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