For the Love of Friday

For the Love of Friday- Art from Europe

Last week when I posted about gallery walls, a few of you asked if Colleen and I would show the art pieces that we got in Europe.  Of course we will!  For whatever reason, I had a hell of a time trying to find art in England and Ireland that was reasonable and not prints.  So that’s what I ended up getting…a lot of prints.  Colleen was able to find some beautiful watercolors and sketches in France, which she kindly also bought me some of.  She is a doll that one.  Also, I looove landscapes and if you don’t you probably won’t like any of my art.  Sorry.

Europe art Provence 1 | Two Delighted

This is the watercolor from Provence that Colleen got for herself

Europe art Provence blog

Here is the one she got for me.  Also, if you’ll notice all of the pictures Colleen took look lovely on nice flat surfaces and mine are all shadowy and wrinkly cause they were laying on a bed.  This bothers me but not enough to take new pictures of my pictures.  As is usual, I will let her be the perfect sister and I will assume my role as the wrinkly one.

Europe art Paris | Two Delighted

This is Colleen’s sweet little sketch of the Eiffel Tower she got in Paris.

Europe art Montmartre | Two Delightedblog

She bought me this one of Montmartre which was my favorite part of Paris when I went.

Europe art cat | Two Delighted

Here is her cat print she got.  I have a feeling Corey may have had something to do with this one.  The man loves cats.

Europe art boulangerie | Two Delighed

And her precious boulangerie print that I believe she also got in Paris.  I kinda love this.

Europe art Bath Abbey | Two Delighted blog

This is a print of Bath Abbey that I bought from the artist, who was adorable.

Europe art Fisher street | Two Delighted blog

This is a print of the main street in Doolin, Ireland, which we stayed on.

Europe art framed | Two Delighted blog

I already framed it along with the little sketch Colleen got me.

Europe art Cliffs | Two Delighted blog

The Cliffs of Moher done by the same artist as my Doolin print.

Europe art Yeats | Two Delighted blog

They were having a Jack Yeats exhibit at the art museum in Dublin we went to and both Katie and I fell in love with his work so I bought this print at the museum store along with a really awesome coffee table book full of his sketches

Europe art Diagon Alley | Two Delighted blog

And last but certainly not least, when I was at Harry Potter studio tour, I bought this print of a sketch of Diagon Alley which I am completely infatuated with.

So those are our European art purchases.  If and when we ever frame the rest, we will be sure to show you.  Happy weekend people!  Hope you guys enjoy your last weekend in July.  Hard to believe, right?


  1. Colleen

    Hahahaha that made me laugh. I think your prints look lovely.

  2. Kristen

    I love collecting art everywhere I go as well! These are all really great. Loving the watercolors and the little Eiffel Tower.

  3. Kelly

    They are all sooo pretty! I like the Provence landscape Colleen got you and I adore the main street in Doolin, very unique!!!