Corey’s Top 10 Films of 2014

Editor’s Note:  My husband is a bit of a movie connoisseur so every once in a while, I ask him to write a movie post.  Since the Oscars are this weekend, I figured it might be time for a “best of 2014” post.  The only issue here is that we have not seen all (or

Gatsby Style

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that new adaptation of the Great Gatsby is coming out in theaters this weekend.  Meg and I have been ready for this for awhile, seeing as how we did this Gatsby wedding post about 50 years ago.  I have to admit that I’m still a

For the Love of Friday – Songs from Movie Soundtracks

Maybe it’s because of how much we love movies, but a pretty heavy percentage of our favorite songs seem to be from movie soundtracks.  Whenever I hear a song from one of my favorite films, it always takes me back to how I was feeling when I was watching it – happy, sad, wistful, or

For the Love of Friday- Movie Season

Colleen and I definitely go to see plenty of movies throughout the year (her more than me due to Corey’s movie madness), but it seems like this time of year is when I always look forward to seeing movies the most.  Since it has gotten cold outside, going out to a bar to socialize seems

For the Love of Friday – Corey’s Top 10 Horror Films

My lovely husband who is quite the film aficionado wanted to make you guys a list of his top 10 horror films. My apologies for any nightmares you guys have as a result of these.  Particularly the Descent, which makes me want to hide under the covers. When I overheard Colleen and Megan discussing a

Wedding Inspiration {Moonrise Kingdom}

Several weeks ago, Corey and I spent a lovely Friday afternoon catching the new Wes Anderson flick Moonrise Kingdom.  The movie really resonated with me, and I have been thinking about it ever since.  Maybe it is because the film contained a refreshing innocence that I rarely see anywhere anymore.  Maybe it is because the