For the Love of Friday – Corey’s Top 10 Horror Films

My lovely husband who is quite the film aficionado wanted to make you guys a list of his top 10 horror films. My apologies for any nightmares you guys have as a result of these.  Particularly the Descent, which makes me want to hide under the covers.

When I overheard Colleen and Megan discussing a top ten list for Halloween movies, I hijacked their idea and told them that I would handle this one.  Anyone that knows me knows that I live for movies.  Not only do I mark my upcoming calendar for when movies will be released in theater, but I also usually associate my memories with what movie I watched that day.  For instance, the day I asked Colleen to be my girlfriend, we were watching Lord of the Rings:  Two Towers.  You would think that I would like this movie since it is associated with such a good memory, but no, that could not help it.  Anyways, I love the horror genre and consider myself a bit of a scary movie snob, and am therefore quite knowledgable in this category.  I had to take it upon myself to prevent Colleen and Megan from contaminating the list with happy and fun Halloween movies (i.e., Hocus Pocus). Editor’s note: Hocus Pocus is awesome.  So if you are looking for a movie to terrify you, you are reading the right list. I present my top ten.

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1.  The Descent – I did not know what I was getting into when I first started watching this movie.  This slow burner really speeds up in the 2nd half, if the 1st half does not already have you paranoid enough.  Editor’s note: This is my favorite horror movie.  I was shaking in the theater.  I loved that it was a psychological thriller as well as a gory monster movie.

2.  The Thing (1982) – This would be considered one of my favorite classic horror movies. if you haven’t seen it, SEE it; plus its got Keith David.  Look him up.

3.  28 Days Later – A personal favorite of mine (on my all time top 10 movies list).  An added bonus is that its got Cillian Murphy who is one of our favorite actors.

4.  Alien – Your classic slasher flick put into a space setting with the monster being an alien.  This movie does not go wrong.

5.  Insidious – The newest movie that is on the list.  I have only seen it once, but boy was it terrifying.  Director James Wan really knows how to make original (not recycled) horror movies.  Other movies by him include Saw and Dead Silence.

6.  The Shining – Who hasn’t seen this?  The setting alone is enough for me to say “no way.”  I mean would you spend a winter with only two other people in a giant, old mountain resort in the middle of nowhere?

7.  Session 9 – Remodeling a closed down/abandoned mental hospital, what could go wrong?

8.  The Brood – First let me say this is a David Cronenberg film, so it may get a little weird, but if killer children freak you out, then get prepared.

9.  Drag Me to Hell – Saw this with my sister in theaters and I think we were shielding ourselves from the screen a majority of the time.

10.  The Ring (2002) – I have a feeling that most everyone has seen this one, so I don’t really need to say anything about it (dead body in the closet).

Honorable Mentions:  30 Days of Night – (Josh Hartnett fights vampires); Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) – (Meat hooks!!!); House on Haunted Hill – (Crazy ghost doctor); Spoorloos (The Vanishing) – (Terrifying for anyone who is married or has a significant other); Martyrs – (This is not in the top ten because I have a feeling that most people could not stomach this, be careful if you choose to watch this.)

Thank you, I expect to take control of all movie posts in the future.  If Colleen and Megan sneak one in without my approval, I expect people to stick by me and boycott.





  1. stephanie

    Speaking as a person who has had to sit through your movies. Yuk!!! This is a person who read Steven King books like “species” in the 4th grade!

  2. Megan

    Okay, I am adding Trick R Treat as the best horror movie to watch on Halloween in my opinion. I seriously still can’t believe it isn’t on this list. Also Pet Sematary. Still extremely creepy and I have a hard time watching it. Completely agree on the Descent and the Shining and Insidious. Holy yikes. I don’t consider movies with aliens horror movies but sci fi. Also a good thriller is Last House on the Left (the recent one). Great list Corey. Hocus Pocus is the best Halloween movie ever.

  3. Taylor

    I love this post, Corey. haha!! Great job. Also, i love Colleen’s editor’s note haha. Yall are so great. This post comes just in time as I am on week 2 of Friday Night Fright Night, and needed a suggestion. The SHining is one of my all time favorite movie and I am pleased it made the list. The Ring messed me up so bad I cried after it. Anyway, happy haunting all 🙂

  4. Megan

    Hey Tay! Okay a friend reminded me I also need to add The Orphanage which is SUPER creepy and spooky.

  5. Kat Dawg

    Every horror movie cant be on there, its only a top ten list, not top 50, anyways The Orphanage was a let down

  6. Megan

    I was just adding to my little comment list. I know they can’t all be on there Cor, I mean Kat.

  7. Megan

    Also I wanna see The Brood, Session 9, and Martyrs. Do you have them Cor? Will ya’ll watch them with me?

  8. Taylor

    The Orphanage sounds REAL spooky. I miss you booger. Also, I was just bragging about you lady tots and your awesomeness to 2 of my co-workers. 🙂

  9. Katie

    Corey is not exaggerating, he and I were terrified watching Drag Me to Hell! Of the ones I’ve seen on your list The Descent is my favorite. Do you have all of these, can I borrow? Megan, I will watch them with you. With all the lights on of course! Unless Theo is there. He can protect us.

  10. Kat Dawg

    I have the Descent, 28 days later, 30 Days of Night, alien, the Brood, and the Thing. Martyrs is a foreign film and on top of being terrifying, is extremely gory so……watch at your own risk.

  11. Megan

    OOOHHHH…The Strangers. I just remembered. That scared the begeezus(?) out of me.

  12. Kat Dawg

    So I have got a lot of guss about not having Halloween I and II (the originals of course, not the Rob Zombie crap) in the top ten. Consider those on the honorable mentions. They are classics and are probably top on the slasher horrors. I am sorry if I offended anyone for not having them.

  13. Ashton

    My husband loves Martyrs. It freaked me out. You should watch Inside- it’s French and super intense. Also, Cold Prey, High Tension, Funny Games, 5150 Elm’s Way, The Loved Ones, Rec, Them, and Deadgirl are all highly recommended.

  14. Lindsey @ be pretty

    Ohhhhh this is a GOOD long list of scary movies… too bad I can’t handle them! 🙁 I can’t even handle the ghost stories on TV! Gah!

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