Corey’s Top 10 Films of 2014

Editor’s Note:  My husband is a bit of a movie connoisseur so every once in a while, I ask him to write a movie post.  Since the Oscars are this weekend, I figured it might be time for a “best of 2014” post.  The only issue here is that we have not seen all (or even most) of the Oscar nominated movies.  But that’s ok.  Also, we don’t always agree so just because these are his top 10 does not mean these are my top 10 (looking at you Edge of Tomorrow.)

With the Oscars tomorrow, Colleen figured that I should bring you my movies of 2014.  Now let me first warn y’all that I have not seen as many movies this year as I have seen in the past, but I have seen some good ones.

1)  Interstellar – This movie had EXTREME expectations which probably let some people down.  To me this movie was just what I wanted.  I hope everyone saw this, because very rarely do we get a movie that will make such attempts to be original.

2)  The Guest – Drive meets Universal Soldiers with a dash of Cabin in the Woods.  The Guest stars the dude that quit Downton Abbey (Dan Stevens) who is probably going to be a big star.  Don’t want to ruin too much, but its a campy fun horror.  Go watch it.

3)  The Drop – Tom Hardy adopts a puppy.  Tom Hardy does some other stuff.  The movie is great; Colleen will back me here.  Editor’s note:  He is right.  Tom Hardy plus adorable puppy is an unstoppable combination.  If you liked The Departed you will probably like this.

4)  Nightcrawler – Not really sure why Jake Gyllenhaal didn’t get nominated for best actor, because the man is awesome in this movie.  Nightcrawler is about a creepy sociopath that goes from stealing scrap metal to attempting to break into the news industry by filming nitty gritty violence.  Editor’s note:  This is a whole lot of Jake Gyllenhaal being real creepy.  But it was interesting.

5)  The Imitation Game –  Benedict Cumberbitches!!!!!!! (There is a twitter page.  It is fantastic.) I honestly did not know anything about Alan Turing before this movie but he is one of (if not the) most important people of the past century.  This man probably had more effect on the current world than anyone else and then he was arrested for being gay which makes me want to punch things.  Editor’s note:  This is my favorite of the year and you need to go see it immediately.  I had chills.

6)  Guardians of the Galaxy – This movie was a great surprise.  Lately most of the superhero movies have not been my cup of tea but this movie had the benefit of being about an obscure group of superheroes and having a great cast.  It’s hilarious, has great action, and awesome music.

7)  The Grand Budapest Hotel – I have to say that Wes’ last film, Moonrise Kingdom was probably one of my least favorite of his films (Editor’s note: Whhhaaaattt????), but The Grand Budapest definitely is up there at the top, right with Fantastic Mr. Fox.  Colleen and I had a great time watching this at the Manor.  If you haven’t seen this yet, you are in for an enjoyable delight.

8)  Frank – This is a Fassbender classic. You will not even realize Fassbender is in it, because he wears a giant paper mache head pretty much the entire movie.  However, this is a moving comedy about a group of musicians with their own problems who create music to express themselves and not to become famous.

9)  Gone Girl –  David Fincher can do no wrong.  Think about it, his worst movie is Panic Room and thats still a good movie.  I didn’t read this book, so I was treated to an original story with great acting and a great score.

10)  Edge of Tomorrow – I do not remember the last Tom Cruise movie I was excited about.  I watched this on a rental and was disappointed that I did not see it in theaters.  Great choice for an action/Sci-Fi movie.  (Editor’s note:  Sorry Tom Cruise, I did not make room for you in my collage.  And I am not sorry.)

Bonus pick:  John Wick – John Wick’s puppy gets murdered.  He spends the rest of the movie getting revenge on Theon Greyjoy and company.

Movies I need to see:  The Babadook, Birdman, Foxcatcher, Inherent Vice, Predestination, Whiplash and many more.


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  1. Stephanie

    the only one I saw in the list was “Gone Girl”.- strange!!
    My favorite is “Malificent”!!!

  2. Jenn

    Nightcrawler and Edge of Tomorrow are two movies that were quite good but looked stupid in their trailer so people didn’t give them a chance at the theater. I thoroughly enjoyed both and agreed they were some of the best of the year. Stay open minded — I know we get easily annoyed by Tom Cruise and Jake Gyllenhal looks really disturbing in this movie, but they are both so worth watching! And if you like Contact (it’s one of my favorite movies) you really have to like Interstellar. I never mind watching a movie that aims (maybe too) high and makes you think outside the box. Loved this list!

  3. Megan

    As always, Corey is the best Two Delighted blogger. VIP status. I have to say that I enjoyed Edge of Tomorrow quite a bit.

  4. Taylor

    I loved Inherent Vice…. but I can’t exactly explain why. That’s all I’ll say.

  5. kat faux

    Update: So I saw Whiplash, Predestination, and Foxcatcher this weekend…..Whiplash is definitely in the top 5 for the year.