Gimme S’mores

Excuse my dorky post title.  I couldn’t help myself.  Have you guys seen any of the promotional photos of the PoppyTalk for Target line that is coming out on June 22nd?  I have read that it is geared towards “glamping.”  I am not sure about that but camping has never really been my scene.  A

Strawberry Basil Cupcakes

Since I knew I was having friends over for dinner last weekend, I thought that would be a perfect excuse for me to bake a dessert.  I try not to do that too frequently when I don’t have a reason to because then the sweet just sits around my house until I manage to consume

Orange Roll Muffins

Colleen and I are both big on family traditions.  One of our more delicious traditions is one we started several years ago and that is orange rolls on Christmas morning.  Just the kind in the can.  We don’t try to get cute or fancy.  Why mess with perfection?  We always try to buy them at

Irresistible Sugar Cookies

On Sunday I had the urge to bake something sugary.  Or maybe it was the urge to eat something sugary.  Either way, I figured there was nothing more sugary than sugar cookies.  I found this recipe on my pinboard that said something like “best cookies of all time.”  Facts are they almost all say that

Cute Halloween Goodies

In my opinion, one of the best things about pinterest this time of year is seeing all of the cutie cute and inventive ways that people decorate their food to make it look “Halloweeny.”  If you guys missed it, I made a Leatherface chicken pot pie the other week that was pretty cool looking and

Spiced Apple Cinnamon Bread

A few weeks ago I made some apple bread for a scary movie night we were having in which we watched the movie Insidious.  I had already seen it once but some of our friends hadn’t seen it and wanted to so we watched it again.  Have you guys seen it?  If you haven’t and