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A Nook for Reading

For some reason I keep refusing to take pictures of the black paint to show you guys.  Maybe it’s because I want to wait until the bedding and art comes and things are a little further along.  Oh well.  In other news, our bedroom is a blank canvas, and is really kind of sad right now. Particularly our lovely nook that is absolutely my favorite part of the house.  The current residents of the nook include a huge and terribly cat scratched sofa that was an old hand me down and our Goodwill pile.  Sad. Once I’m done with the guest bedroom, I am moving on to our master bedroom, and I am starting by making our nook the lovely room it deserves to be.


The inspiration picture makes me want to find a good book and never leave, and that is the grand plan for the nook.  Pretty lighting, a lovely settee (or chaise lounge in our case, because this is a time for luxury thank you), a basket filled with comfy throws for cuddling, and a little side table to hold a cup of coffee and a cup of hot cocoa.  Both will be essential.  And a rug.  Which is absolutely not necessary since there is carpet but rugs just make things prettier.

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  1. Stephanie

    I really like the bottom things. The color is great!

  2. Katie

    I love that chaise lounge! I’m pretty sure that Pica will probably take over that room on sunny days.

  3. Taylor

    Ooo yes! I love what you’ve picked. Lovely lovely.

  4. Marilyn

    I’m anxious to see the black room!

  5. citron rose bleu

    what a perfect place for a reading nook!! Can’t wait to see it completed 🙂 XO