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De-Uglifying the Living Room Corner

Ah media.  We love having the internets and cable tv and music at our disposal.  But why do all of the cords and boxes and gadgets have to be so ugly?  I’m pretty sure de-uglifying isn’t a word but it was the only term I could use in this case.  We have a corner of our living room where all of the ugly cords went to die and it has been hurting my eyes for far too long.  Too long I say!  I am taking a stand against the ugly cords and I am going to make them at least a little bit less ugly.  I’m thinking a lovely black gloss bookcase with lots of pretty books and knickknacks to misdirect the eye from the wireless box and speakers and jazz.  Yes?  Now does anyone have any genius moves to get rid of the cords?  Do I just shove them all in an attractive storage bin?


Image 1 / Image 2 / Craiglist Bookcase / Rustoleum Paint / Lamp / Storage Bins

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  1. Marilyn

    I want to make a general comment. We continue to read your
    blogs and we could not be any more impressed with the
    intelligence and creativity of you and your sister.
    You kids are sensational.
    Mom and Dad