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Gold Bart Cart DIY

Today I’ve got another gem for you from my lovely husband.  He just keeps bringing it with these DIYs.  What am I doing?  Eating donuts.  I will continue to shamelessly profit from his hard work.  

Hello again, it’s me, Colleen’s husband.

I was picking out a fantastic outfit (Editor’s Note – Likely a shirt with cats on it) from our closet one day when I came across a stainless steel cart that Colleen use to use in college to hold her toiletries. I had absolutely no idea why this thing had been in our closet since we moved in (Editor’s Note – I do, because I was too lazy to goodwill it), but had a great idea for a DIY. Colleen is always talking about bar carts and how awesome yet how expensive they are. I realized that this thing had the potential to be something good so I quickly brought it downstairs (and after receiving permission), took the middle shelf off.


What you’ll need:

– Gold spray paint

– Ugly old cart

Casters – we used these from Home Depot and they are crazy cheap

– Crappy mirror

– Command strips

What you’ll do:

1) First remove the casters then coat the cart with gold spray paint.

2) If you have any left over mirrors from any previous DIYs, great, if not, get to your local hardware store and buy a cheap, long mirror (less than $4). I measured the width of the cart’s shelf and cut the mirror to fit it (2 pieces – bottom and top, see this post for how to cut mirror).  I then sanded the edges of the mirror to make sure they aren’t sharp.  Next, I re-spray painted the cart. After it dries, make sure you don’t need any touch ups and you are ready for the next step. Have some command strips on hand, and put a couple pieces on the cart and then on the bottom of the mirror. Place the mirror onto the cart and voilà. Do the same for the other shelf. (Editor’s Note – We didn’t glue it because I realized that it would be real sad if the mirror broke and was stuck on the cart.  This way we can change them out if necessary.)

3) Remove old plastic casters and replace with gold shiny ones.  If they don’t stay in place, glue in with liquid nails.  Now, place your alcohol bottles and decorations onto the cart and you’ve got yourself an awesome bar cart.




If you’re wondering why I have a painting of Megan, you should know that that is actually a painting of our mother (they could be twins!) that my parents had in a closet somewhere.  It was too lovely to hide so I stole it and framed it.  This is Colleen by the way.




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  1. Megan

    Loos so good Cor. I am amazed by that thing. Hell of a job.

  2. Stephanie

    The cart looks great! Good idea and good job. Marilyn’s picture is beautiful!

  3. Katie

    Beautiful! Great job Corey!

  4. Marilyn

    Wow Corey! You continue to impress!

  5. Mrs Limestone

    Very cute!

    And I love that your husband will blog. Can he talk to my husband?

  6. Laura @ Simply Lowcountry

    Thanks for posting this! I have been wanting to do a gold bar cart and this is a perfect tutorial.


  7. LIndsay

    AMAZING. I want to do one! I love the picture of your Mom! So sweet.

  8. Taylor

    I cannot get over how good this looks!! Fantastic job Corey. Also, that picture of your mom is just stunning and so cool!