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Black or Gray Accent Door

So I don’t know if you guys remember this, but we got a kitten last winter.  He is now becoming more cat and less kitten and although we love him dearly, he is a bit of a menace.  Seventy five percent of the time (or thereabouts) he is sweet and adorable, cuddling on the edge of the sofa while we are watching Psych.  But anytime there is anything edible in the vicinity, he becomes a merciless thug – stealing and constantly attacking our food.  He has taken to breaking into the pantry, eating bags of hamburger buns and knocking down any candy in his path.  He’s quite lucky that he’s so cute.  To protect our pantry, we have had to start wedging one of the chairs up against the folding doors which has resulted in lots of chipped paint and somehow he has still managed to break through the defenses.  So I have to decided to improve our strategy by attaching a latch to the doors so the little jerk can’t get in.  And also paint the doors to fix all the chips and messed up paint.  Instead of trying to match the existing white paint, I’m thinking of going with an accent color.  The options are super dramatic black or simple gray.  Right now the kitchen is white and kind of blah (I need to add some personality in a big way), so the black might provide a nice punch.  But then the gray would keep things lighter and a little more consistent with the rest of the room where the black might feel a little bit like it was coming out of nowhere.  I keep going back and forth.  Thoughts?


Gray Door  /  Black Door

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  1. Megan

    I don’t know which but the gray I used is SW gray shingle and I have enough left for you to try it out but not paint the whole door. I basically have a full can of BM Onyx in Advance formula in satin from my front door so if you decide to go black, you should just use that. It is a pretty popular color black.

  2. Katie

    I like the gray, but both would be pretty. That Catsley. He and Theo both act like they don’t get some of the nicest cat food (and expensive) the World has to offer!

  3. Taylor

    Haha oh Catsley. The things we do (and lose) for our fur babies. I don’t think you can go wrong with either. Best of luck!

  4. Stephanie

    Hold on now guys! You are talking about the only grandchild I have that greets me at the door! I like the gray. Black will show dust easier.

  5. Kim

    Go with the Black! It is so much more dramatic and will really add punch to your blank slate! I painted my kitchen cabinets black and it looks so much more sophisticated than before when they were an off white color.

  6. Lindsay

    BLACK. All day everyday.

  7. Michele

    I like the look of the black but then I like the grey too. However, I really wanted to weigh in the kitty. I have one much like him, and mine is now almost 8 years old. And he is still a handful. We have had to kitty proof our house and it still remains. If he is able to sneak into the pantry he creates havoc, he has a fascination with deep water and seems to love bleach. He has nearly lost a couple of his nine lives several times but he is such a character. Life isn’t dull with him, but it’s like living with a toddler all the time. But it is worth it so enjoy your little fellow and smile (even through gritted teeth).

  8. Michele S.

    I also vote for black. In our bedroom we have white millwork, gray walls, and black furniture. Love it. And, in our kitchen (which we just had remodeled) we put in black granite countertops and LOVE them!

  9. Jenn

    Definitely agree on black if you have a mostly white kitchen. If you have wood cabinets then maybe gray would be better, but with white cabinets black would give a nice punch!

  10. Jean Wilks

    I enjoyed my visit to your beautiful home so very much!!!
    You have done an outstanding job with your selections of everything! Love it and you all too!