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Quick Copper Vase DIY

Here I am again, telling you something was a DIY when in fact it is really just reusing an attractive beer bottle as a vase.  I realize I am sneaky.  Corey finished off his alcoholic beverage and I thought well wouldn’t that look lovely with a little bit of copper contact paper on it.  So I literally just cut off a 4″ piece from the contact paper and stuck it onto the amber bottle.  Not quite perfect but pretty good for free.




I won’t show you the other side of our front porch which has a headboard that I am in the middle of spray painting.  The chairs could do with a bit of painting as well.  I’ll probably get to that right in time for next summer.

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  1. Stephanie

    I like. If you want all of it covered I bet copper spray paint woul look good too. I like the chair and table. Would love to have a front porch.

  2. Taylor

    Love this!!

  3. Marilyn

    Perfect for fall. Quick and inexpensive.

  4. Jean Wilks

    Enjoyed seeing all your pretty things!!! So glad you all had some time in NY; precious memories!

  5. Joy (Wilkerson) Callaway

    Colleen and Megan! I just found your blog via Pinterest. SOOOO pretty and so many cute DIY and decorating tips. LOVE IT ALL! 🙂