Charlotte, I love you

I was born and raised in Charlotte, which is pretty rare.  Almost everyone I meet is a transplant: from Ohio, or Wisconsin, or some other northern state.  I love Charlotte because it is a (relatively) big city but still often feels like a small town.  Since one of my favorite parts of traveling is to

For the Love of Friday- Hungry Eyes

There is really no question that big cities such as New York, LA, and Chicago have quite alot to offer an individual in the way of weekend activities.  And Charlotte, being a smaller city in comparison to the world of cities, has maybe not quite as many exciting events and opportunities of fanciness.  But one


Several happenings to discuss: 1) So Corey and I finally decided that we need to bite the bullet and start actively looking for a house.  This is where I need the sage advice of all of my dearest friends (i.e., you guys).  We are complete and total newbies so if you have any tips or

Crowders Mountain

This weekend Meg and I had a sudden urge to be one with nature, so we ventured for the first time to Crowders Mountain.  Despite growing up only 20 minutes away from the park, we had never been.  Corey mentioned right before we left that the trail was in fact 6 miles there and back,


On Monday, Meg and I had the pleasure of getting together with some other fun and fabulous bloggers in the Charlotte area for a Bloggers Night Out.  We are relatively new to this whole blogging business so we couldn’t be more excited to have a group of girls that we can learn from and grow

Weddings and the City Look Book Launch Party

Last Thursday evening, Megan and I were lucky enough to attend a wonderful event that we were invited to by a friend of ours, Lindsey Regan Thorne.  Aside from being a makeup and hair genius (she was my wedding beautifier), she is also a popular Charlotte blogger and a wedding designer for one of Charlotte’s