Crowders Mountain

This weekend Meg and I had a sudden urge to be one with nature, so we ventured for the first time to Crowders Mountain.  Despite growing up only 20 minutes away from the park, we had never been.  Corey mentioned right before we left that the trail was in fact 6 miles there and back, which was slightly longer than we had assumed in our heads.  However, since we have had extensive Mohican training, we felt that we could handle it.  When we made it to the top (after climbing the dreaded stairs that passing travelers had warned us of), the view was really impressive.  What was not impressive was all the fools that were lounging on the rocks just inches from the edge.  Regardless, it was a refreshing little trek that I hope to make again soon.





  1. marilyn

    I want to go!!! Is it cooler than Charlotte? Beautiful scenery.

  2. Christina

    AWESOME pictures! I love Crowders Mountain. In fact, that is where I got engaged! I cannot believe you opted for the stair trail, you are brave!

  3. Nicola

    These are some of the best pictures I have seen of Crowder, beautiful!! That is by far one of my favorite places to go and take the pup for a good hike. Love it!!! Way to take on the mountain in this intense heat 🙂

  4. Stephanie G

    Great pictures!!! I like to hike but right now my knee screems NOOOOO.

  5. Lindsay

    This looks very peaceful. Meg on a rock is so cute.

  6. Megan

    Colleen did take some pretty pictures. It was actually not too hot because we we in shade the whole time. We didn’t know there was another way other than the stairs, Christina. What a nice place to get engaged. 🙂 Thanks Linds, I was a big fan of the rock.

  7. Sarah

    I love Crowders!! This takes me back to when I little and we use to go hiking there several times a summer. It really is beautiful, especially in the fall! As always, I love the pictures!

  8. Lindsey @ be pretty

    Holy cow…. y’all made it far little gals!! So glad you guys enjoyed some sisterly-nature-Carolina time together! 🙂 Gorgeous pictures! 🙂 Can’t wait to see you ladies soon!

  9. Taylor

    That place kicks my butt every time. My aunt and I used go almost every weekend and I dreaded it some weekends but the payoff is always worth it. That trail is a real bear. Both the one with the stairs and King’s Pinnacle. Kings Pinnacle is only 2 miles up but it’s UP most of the time. I wish I could’ve gone with you guys. My knee is all banged up too and I probably would not have been a fun addition. Next time though. Colleen, those are great pictures!!