Several happenings to discuss:

1) So Corey and I finally decided that we need to bite the bullet and start actively looking for a house.  This is where I need the sage advice of all of my dearest friends (i.e., you guys).  We are complete and total newbies so if you have any tips or stories that might be helpful, I would be much appreciative.  Also for Charlotteans, any advice on the neighborhoods to look in would be super awesome.  Seriously, we are clueless.

2) Paris plane tickets have been purchased.  Apartments (singular) for one week near the Eiffel Tower have been rented.  We are not going until next June so I promise to shut up about it til at least May.  To celebrate, I purchased a print from the mega-talented Olivia over at Everyday Musings.  She just started selling prints of her photography and I snatched up her Paris landscape immediately.

So pretty right?  I am putting it in my office so I can think happy thoughts while at work.

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  1. christina

    Hooray for house shopping! We are also in the market for a new home. Exciting and exhausting all at the same time. What area of town do you think you will look in?!

  2. Megan

    My advice would be for you to come live close to me.

  3. Nicola

    I know a great neighborhood with new construction (just built or build your own) 😉 I promise we would be awesome neighbors!!!

  4. marilyn

    I vote for Huntersville.

  5. Stephanie G

    So HAPPY for you both!

  6. marilyn

    For me the most important thing about
    choosing a house is that some day you are going
    to have to re-sell it.

  7. Lindsey @ be pretty

    We are in the same boat as y’all… trying to find an area first, and then a house, it’s such a task isn’t it???

  8. Taylor

    I love anything in/near Plaza Midwood or Elizabeth 🙂 Good luck!

  9. Taylor

    Oooo Merry Oaks is a suuuuuper cute neighborhood. It might bea little too “cuspy” for you though. Like on the cusp… of otherness

  10. Colleen

    Thanks Dad, good advice. Taylor, we are looking at Plaza Midwood and Elizabeth, but we will be sure to check out Merry Oaks as well!