On Colleen and Willow (Happy Birthday)

I am coming in hot today with some important information that needs to be shared about Colleen.  Since today is her 29th birthday, I thought it would be just about the right time to do it.  I am sure you all have seen the movie Willow, the epic journey of a dwarf and Val Kilmer trying to save a baby princess that was released in the late 80s.  Facts are it is probably the premier movie of the late 80s (apart from the Little Mermaid).  If you haven’t seen it, good grief.   Please don’t tell me and ruin my day.  Just go home tonight and rent it on Amazon or another way all the cool kids watch movies these days.  Anyways, the movie centers around a prophecy that this baby (Elora Danan) born with a special birthmark will bring about the downfall of the evil queen Bavmorda.  Bavmorda was seriously bad news and basically all you need to know is that baby Elora Danan was a huge deal.  Well the thing about Colleen is that she looked so much like baby Elora Danan at the time the movie came out that people would always stop and tell us and fawn over her.   I was so jealous of this major role that Colleen played in history.  They even shared some of the same personality characteristics including an adorable laugh as well as being quite discerning about which people could be up in their faces.  Neither Colleen nor Elora suffered fools gladly.  With such an auspicious beginning, it is really no wonder that Colleen has come to be the wonderful and significant person she is today.  Happy birthday Colleen!  I love you very much and I feel that your birth must have fulfilled a prophecy that will bring down all of the bad people of the world!  Hooray!

Colleen and Willow



  1. Stephanie

    I love it Megan!! ???? hope she has a special birthday!!!

    • Colleen

      Thanks Mom G!

  2. Taylor

    Happy birthday, Colleen! What an amazing and hilarious post.

    • Colleen

      Thanks Tay!

  3. Colleen

    Thanks Meg!! Love you! This is hilarious. The world didn’t even know what hit them! But seriously, we need another Willow viewing with the soonness.

  4. Marilyn

    This is too amazing! I had no idea of this unbelievable coincidence. Any chance the ends of Saddam or Osama was a result? Too funny.