The Month of Cake

Today is Megan’s birthday so we all need to wish her the happiest and most delicious birthday!  I’ll wait will you all call her to sing her your best birthday song.  Done?  Good.  So we call April the month of cake because it starts with Easter and Easter baskets brought by our Easter bunnies (yes we still have Easter bunnies and I will not tolerate any judgement) which admittedly is not really cake but lots of sweet goodness, then we have Meg’s birthday cake (I will be trying my hand at remaking a strawberry cake that I thoroughly screwed up a couple of years ago), then we have our lovely mother’s birthday.  Lots of celebrating and lots of cake.  Meg deserves it because she’s one of the sweetest and most loyal people you will ever meet.  Also, she makes one heck of a big sister.  So Meg, I hope you have the best day, filled with cake and queso and cats!  Love you!

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  1. Megan

    Thanks Bean! I have always loved this picture. And I plan to eat loooooots of cake and queso. Love you to the moon!

  2. Katie

    Happy birthday Megan!

  3. Stephanie

    Have a wonderful Day!! Won’t torture you with singing!

  4. marilyn

    Happy Birthday! When you were born you came out smiling.
    You have been smiling ever since!
    Love Dad

  5. Taylor

    What a cute picture! Happy birthday my dear friend. You are a real solid gal.

  6. Lauren Tate

    Happy Birthday to Megan!!!! Cake, Queso & Cats!!! hahah LOVES it! Perfect. Cheers!

  7. Jean Wilks

    Happy Belated Birthday!

    I enjoyed seeing your pretty things and hearing of the trip to New Orleans; so glad you all had fun.
    I also like the baby picture of you and Colleen! Precious!

    ENJOY your Youth because you won’t have it forever!