Meg’s Birthday Party

Corey and I threw a bit of a last minute birthday party for Meg this past weekend.  Her birthday is this week I’ve been so preoccupied trying to plan our California trip in early May that I basically forgot to get my act together until a week ago or so.  Luckily, our friends are the best and were game for a low key cookout.  Corey’s sister Katie was a complete gem and helped me decorate with some small touches here and there.  She made lots of those pretty paper flowers and used my newly purchased star punch to make things festive by basically throwing stars everywhere.  Here are some pictures taken frantically in the last few free minutes before the people arrived.  Let’s talk about how much I need a tripod.  These are so grainy.






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  1. Megan

    Thanks so much Colleen, Corey, and Katie for throwing me such a lovely birthday party. It was completely beautiful and I really appreciate all the effort y’all put in to make me feel special. Also the hummingbird cake was to die for. And the buffalo chicken dip.

  2. Carolina Charm

    Gorgeous as always. You seriously make the BEST and most beautiful cakes!

  3. Kelley

    Happy Bday Lou!
    Miss you guys loads!

  4. Katie

    You ladies throw the best parties and are pretty precious gems yourselves, so I was happy to help!

  5. Stephanie

    You guys did a beautiful job! We enjoyed the party! Food was great! Glad Catsley enjoyed what his grandma brought!

  6. Aunt Jackie

    Wish I could do such a terrific job throwing a party at the last minute. I could plan for weeks and it would not be as creative and fun.

    Megan – Looks like you had a fun Birthday. Love Aunt Jackie