A Haunted Speakeasy

A Haunted Speakeasy How To

So, since we bombarded y’all with speakeasy stuff all last week, we actually were considering not doing this post.  But Colleen told me her husband absolutely insisted saying, “Aren’t you a DIY blog after all?”  We can’t really argue with him I suppose.  So I thought I would take a few minutes today to talk

A Haunted Speakeasy: Free Printables

There wasn’t a huge amount of signage at our Speakeasy, partially because I was tired and sitting on my tuckus watching TV seemed better than making more signs, and partially because the party didn’t really need that many.  The ones I did make turned out pretty cute because – let’s be honest – deco fonts

A Haunted Speakeasy: Part 2

The first order of business I have for y’all today is to share some super exciting news.  Mrs. Brooklyn Limestone, who in our opinion is becoming more of a Halloween aficionado than Martha herself, will be sharing a bit of our party again this year.  We feel so honored and hope you guys go check

A Haunted Speakeasy: Part 1

Another Halloween party has passed, and although I don’t think we’ll ever be able to top last year (I mean come on, floating candles), we were really quite happy with how our Haunted Speakeasy turned out.  We tried to include lots of little details to make my house look part 1920’s speakeasy with a hint

Ghostly Mirror {DIY}

Every year for our party, we always try to spook up the bathroom a bit.  We figure it is the best opportunity to scare people as it is the only time they are alone.  Since our speakeasy is haunted, we thought it would be cool to work it out so that there was a ghost

An Invitation to a Haunted Speakeasy

The month of Halloween is here!  And so are our Halloween party invitations!  Thank goodness.  Although not quite as time consuming as last year’s, these were still a labor of love.  As invitations always are.  Our theme this year is a haunted speakeasy.  After much hemming and hawing over all of our theme options, a