A Haunted Speakeasy

Ghostly Mirror {DIY}

Every year for our party, we always try to spook up the bathroom a bit.  We figure it is the best opportunity to scare people as it is the only time they are alone.  Since our speakeasy is haunted, we thought it would be cool to work it out so that there was a ghost in a mirror in the bathroom.  We have been trying to keep all the party stuff a secret from y’all but since this isn’t pivotal to the party decor (just a little extra touch) and it is so simple, I felt compelled to share.  I found this tutorial on Cre8tive Compass Magazine and I thought it may just be perfect so I gave it a shot.  Turned out pretty creepy if I don’t say so myself.

ghostly mirror diy | Two Delighted

What you’ll need:

– picture frame with glass that you don’t mind destroying

– Krylon looking glass spray (must be this or it won’t work.  Trust me.)

– printed out picture of a creepy face that fits in the frame

– spray bottle with water

What you’ll do:

ghostly mirror diy 1 | Two Delighted

1.  Print out your creepy face picture and remove the back from your frame.  If you are worried about getting the back of the frame messed up by spray paint, you may want to separate out the glass and just use that.  I didn’t care since I was going to be spray painting my wooden frame anyways.

ghostly mirror diy 2 | Two Delighted

2.  Take your frame to a well ventilated place (preferably outside) and put it down over newspaper or a drop cloth.   Lay your picture face down in the spot on the frame where you want your ghost peeking out.  Make sure your frame is laying on the ground with the back of it (the side that will be up against the wall) facing up.  You will be spraying your paint on the back of the glass.  I really can’t stress this enough.

ghostly mirror diy 3 | Two Delighted

3.  Mist some water on the glass to make the glass look a little older or vintage.  Then apply a layer of the looking glass paint.  It’s okay if you get some on your picture.  Let this dry and repeat the process until you get a nice even layer and the glass looks like a mirror where you flip it over.  I was feeling a little unhappy with how the picture was blending into the mirror.  So…

ghostly mirror diy 4 | Two Delighted

4.  After a few layers of looking glass paint, I removed it and sprayed in the edges of where the picture would lay.  The picture looked much more like it was part of the mirror after this.  However, I sprayed a little too far in and ended up covering too much of the face with the paint.  So then, I just sprayed a rag with some windex and the paint came right off the mirror in the areas I messed up.  No problem.

Something else to note…I was in a huge hurry when I was doing this.  Things have been a little nuts lately.  So I only sprayed water on the frame for the first layer of looking glass paint.  If you want your mirror to look older, I would spray a few more layers with water as well.  Also, if I had it to do over again, I would make an attempt to make my image a little more gray so it blends more seemlessly.

ghostly mirror diy final 3 | Two Delighted

ghostly mirror final 2 | Two Delighted

Hey there you creepy ghost girl.  You look like you’ve had a rough time of it, lady.  Hopefully you will be on your game and spook an innocent speakeasy patron.



  1. Taylor

    Crazy, creepy cool Megs

  2. Kristen

    So fun! You party is going to be awesome!

  3. Lindsay

    Love this!

  4. rox

    loving this! you guys throw the best halloween parties – cannot wait to see more details!