A Haunted Speakeasy

A Haunted Speakeasy: Part 2

The first order of business I have for y’all today is to share some super exciting news.  Mrs. Brooklyn Limestone, who in our opinion is becoming more of a Halloween aficionado than Martha herself, will be sharing a bit of our party again this year.  We feel so honored and hope you guys go check it out.  While you are at it, you should get your Halloween decor fix by checking out some of her past decorations (if you’ve been under a rock and haven’t seen them yet).  Her current theme is Sharknado, which is obviously genius.  Now on to the second part of our Speakeasy…the bar.

In order to have a worthwhile speakeasy, one must surely have a bar.  With this in mind, we decided we would make the front room of Colleen’s house into a bar/parlor room.  We were able to use different pieces of furniture to function as stations for holding our signature cocktail options.  We were inspired by popular cocktails of the time and decided to use them to make things feel a little more authentic.  We included champagne cocktails, the gin rickey, and a twist on the sidecar found on Cupcakes and Cashmere blog recently called The Hearse.  We carried the deco “moulding” over to this room but decided to go for gold and up our shine factor.  Gold, after all, has been proven to make everything look better.  Vignettes created with bottles also featured heavily in this room.  Colleen designed all of the signage herself which she will be sharing printables for later this week.













The bathroom showed signs of the tortured souls whose lives were taken by the Cravens.




Here is Nathaniel Craven, one of the dead hosts and brilliant bartender for the night.  Isn’t he handsome?  He is still trying to get that pomade out of his hair.


And fun friends that helped the mood of our party out quite a bit by going all out with their costumes…









Check out part one of our haunted speakeasy here.

Check out our invitation which also gives a little backstory here.

Thanks again Mrs. Limestone!!



  1. Kristen

    Congrats on the feature! It is seriously the best Halloween party I have ever seen.

  2. Carolina Charm

    No surprise your party was featured! And I am laughing so hard about “Nathaniel Craven’s” hair pomade!!!

  3. rox

    AH-MA-ZING. I know your Harry Potter party was tough to top – but you guys have so many amazing details (I know, I rambled about them in my last comment) – that I think you outdid yourselves. you have to do a murder mystery party!! I would love to see how you would style/decorate everything!

  4. Nicole

    How did you make the faux deco moulding? I am obsessed with the idea!!!

    • Megan

      Hi Nicole! We used washi tape 🙂

  5. Stephanie

    Just love it! It was fun!

  6. Jean Wilks

    I really enjoyed seeing the decorations and the pictures of everyone in their interesting dress and hair designs.
    A job well done!

  7. Bill

    Congrats on the post! I told Megan I was bitter about being left off the costumes. I really tried to fit in with the theme! But it was a great party as always!

  8. Katrina

    Love Love and Love and can you believe my 11 year old wants a Great Gasby themed B-day party! She was a flapper for Halloween and you have given me ideas I never thought of! I am going to make our basement into a speakeasy….a juice speakeasy…the hard stuff will be soda. 🙂