Colleen + Corey – Getting Ready (Part Two)

Once we finished with makeup and hair, we drove over to the venue, Whitehead Manor.  Let me tell you that by this point, everything was a complete blur and I was so glad I had been organized beforehand.  I had made a detailed schedule for all bridal party members, helpers, and vendors.  Thank the lord,

Mercury Glass Votives {DIY}

When Colleen and I were looking at ideas for centerpieces for her wedding, we loved the idea of using mercury glass votives on each table.  However, when we realized that these votives run about $3 each and we calculated costs at 4 votives per table, it became clear that it would be pretty much out

Scripted Pumpkin {DIY}

I’m not really sure if you could even call this a DIY because it is so easy, but I’m going to file it under that category anyway.  So Megan and I were toying around with the idea of carving white pumpkins to put on the front steps of the wedding venue for a long time.