Words of Inspiration

Who run the world

So the word on the street is that last Saturday was International Women’s Day.  We like that because we are really big fans of women.  We may have a small bias here but we just think that women pretty much rule the world.  We are capable of accomplishing so many large and earth shattering or

A Message of Hope

We really wish that we would have been able to get our Thanksgiving table decorated in time to show it to you all before the big day tomorrow.  Alas, life intervened, and we did not.  We apologize but I am happy to say that I have something entirely different for you and perhaps something even

For the Love of Friday- A Little Reminder

Have you guys ever had periods in your life when you questioned the way you were doing things because it didn’t feel like you were quite getting the results you wanted?  I have been feeling a bit like that lately.  It is amazing how easy it is for a normally self confident individual to start

For the Love of Friday- Yes, Virginia

Can you all believe it is 4 days before Christmas?  Colleen and I have both been feeling like this Christmas season has gone by much too fast and has also not been anywhere near as cheerful as we would have liked it to be.  Primarily because of the awful tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut which has

Shel Silverstein

Image credits  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12 Our love for books has been well documented around here but the truth of the matter is that some of my absolute favorite books are children’s books.  Shel Silverstein is such a lovely writer and the little poem above is a

Sorting Out My Muchness

Have y’all seen the Alice in Wonderland movie made by Tim Burton?  I am not sure it did well in the theaters but it has definitely become one of my favorite children’s movies that have come out recently.  In this movie, Alice has grown up and does not remember having been to Wonderland before.  Due