Shel Silverstein

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Our love for books has been well documented around here but the truth of the matter is that some of my absolute favorite books are children’s books.  Shel Silverstein is such a lovely writer and the little poem above is a famous of his shared in one of his collections.  Children’s books have a tendency to include little lessons and things that the author felt it would be important to teach them.  Frequently ideas that are encouraging or inspirational and often in a way that is simplistic and accessible (effortless).  I wonder if that isn’t exactly what adults need too.  Because when I read this poem, it really does remind me that amazing things are possible.

  1. Taylor

    I love this and needed this post today. Thank you for sharing what you love.

  2. Lindsay

    I love this! Children’s books are for adults too! The Little Prince is one of my favs!

  3. Katie

    I know you posted this yesterday, but I was just able to read it. It made me smile. And a smile is something that I needed today so Thanks!