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Who run the world

So the word on the street is that last Saturday was International Women’s Day.  We like that because we are really big fans of women.  We may have a small bias here but we just think that women pretty much rule the world.  We are capable of accomplishing so many large and earth shattering or small and subtle things with such strength, style, grace, and love.  And we do it all day every day.  So y’all make sure to take some time today and celebrate yourselves and other extraordinary women you know.  And if you already did it on Saturday, then you should probably just go on and do it again because you deserve it.

Meanwhile we will be over here listening to Beyonce preach.


  1. Taylor

    Preach it, Bey! Yall are two of the finest examples of incredible women that I can think of. Thanks for keeping my days bright with your inspiring, funny and creative blog.

  2. Kat Faux

    I don’t know, this post sounds pretty sexist (almost wrote sexiest) to me.