Wedding Story Inspired By

Wedding Story Inspired By {Romeo and Juliet}

This week marked William Shakespeare’s 448th birthday.  As we all know (or do we??), he has a pretty incredible body of work.  It is amazing to think that something written so long ago can still have so much relevance today, despite the world being such a dramatically different place.  When I was in 9th grade,

Wedding Story Inspired By {The Great Gatsby}

Megan and I were so excited about The Great Gatsby coming to theatres later this year that we both recently re-read the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic.  We love the story, with all of its glamour and drama, and decided to use it as inspiration for a wedding story.  We apologize to Mr. Fitzgerald, but we

Wedding Story Inspired By {Jane Austen}

Although I am certainly not the first person to create a Jane Austen wedding inspiration post, I have to admit I am unreasonably excited about it.  The thing is, I always find myself so enamored with Jane Austen or Pride and Prejudice inspiration boards that I decided I wanted to create one too.  I can’t let