Current Favorites

(image of Megan’s lovely calligraphy by me) Hi friends! How was everyone’s Labor Day Weekend? I spent Saturday shooting an engagement session in Hanging Rock State Park and Sunday second shooting a wedding in Asheville. Lots of driving but so worth it. I also did a little of shopping, including a new sweater for our

Capsule Wardrobe

The other day I stumbled across the blog Un-Fancy which is about an adorable girl named Caroline and how she decided to revolutionize the way she dressed. I became a little bit obsessed. I’m not normally into fashion blogs – I actually find them terribly boring – but I’m pretty fascinated with the idea of a capsule

Sweet Sundresses

This weekend was filled with a graduation party for our dear cousin Billy, lots of house work including power washing the deck with the help of my eternally awesome parents, and photographing a Leukemia Gala, which was such an amazing experience.  When I was getting dressed for the party on Friday night, I kept noticing that

Shoes of Summer

Summer is just around the corner which blows my mind.  What the heck guys, it was just Christmas.  This is the time of year when I start to wish I was a teacher until I realize how hard the job is the rest of the year.  Man it would be nice to have a summer

Styling a bob

I did it!  I got my hair chopped!  Once Brandy cut the length, I couldn’t stop smiling.  Because yes it’s kind of scary but it’s just hair so who cares?  I’m over taking life too seriously all the time and I now feel 50 pounds lighter.  I freaking love it. However, in my un-Colleen-like move

Of a Kind

I really love the idea of knowing where my possessions were made.  If my furniture was made in North Carolina (particularly since our dad is in the furniture business) or a painting was created by a talented artist in California.  I realize that 80% of my possessions were probably made in sweat shops in China,