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Hi friends! How was everyone’s Labor Day Weekend? I spent Saturday shooting an engagement session in Hanging Rock State Park and Sunday second shooting a wedding in Asheville. Lots of driving but so worth it. I also did a little of shopping, including a new sweater for our trip to Ireland. Because apparently it is pretty cold there. I am actually kind of excited about it being cooler (I plan on partaking in lots of hot chocolate). In other news, here are some things that I have been loving lately.

Tinted Chapstick:¬†I bought this tinted Burt’s Bees on a whim a couple of months ago and I wear it every single day. It is the perfect amount of color and so easy to slip on if you don’t have time to put on lipstick.

The Lively Show: I’ve known about Jess for a long time but I just recently started listening to her podcast. She has some of the most incredible and inspiring women on her show. I listened to this episode last week about optimizing your hormones and life by what you eat and I was so interested that I actually bought the book. I’ll keep you guys updated if I make any dramatic changes, but for now it is just food for thought.

Unroll Me: Have I mentioned this before? It is an email service that will go through your inbox and¬†automatically unsubscribe to any subscriptions you don’t want. Any remaining subscriptions will get rolled into one email. I have seen such a HUGE difference in my inbox, which is still pretty much a disaster.

Comfy flats: My new favorites. I’ve worn them almost every work day since I bought them a couple of weeks ago. Highly recommended.

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  1. Stephanie

    I have learned to enjoy flats. Easier on back and knee. Interested in the food research.