A Harry Potter Halloween Party: Part 2

When Colleen and I first started discussing having Harry Potter be our Halloween theme this year, I was very concerned about it not being creepy enough.  You see, I like my Halloween to feel quite creepy.  But Colleen assured me we could include some scary elements from Harry Potter as well.  After all, anyone who

A Harry Potter Halloween Party: Part 1

The day of hosting a party is a funny thing.  Here is how it generally goes.  You wake up early, trying to remember all of the 50 million tasks left to complete.  You run around like a headless chicken, checking off task after task.  You start to feel pretty proud of yourself, and like you

A Halloween Invitation from The Order of the Phoenix

I don’t know if you guys noticed, but our “quote of the week” has had a theme recently. Our theme for the month of October, and for our Halloween party, is none other than Harry Potter.  We have wanted to throw a Harry Potter party for many years and have been entirely too excited to

Colleen’s Surprise Birthday Party

This past weekend, I pulled off a little surprise 26th birthday party for Colleen.  I thought it would be fun since she has never had a surprise party.  Many of her best friends live out of town so I started by calling them to see if any of them would be able to make it.

A Cape Cod Bridal Shower

As I’ve already told you at least 10 times, we threw my friend Lindsay a Cape Cod themed bridal shower this past Saturday.  It was every bit as lovely, fun, and intimate as I had hoped.  Megan and I took care of the decor, using streamers, blue tinted mason jars filled with twinkle lights, kraft paper and

Cape Cod Bridal Shower Invites

This weekend is the bridal shower of my dear friend Lindsay, who you might remember from the post on her bachelorette weekend in Beaufort.  We (my friends Shannon, Sarah, Meg, and I) have been planning this shower for a while, and I cannot wait to see how it all comes together.  Since I cannot contain