A Harry Potter Halloween Party: Part 1

The day of hosting a party is a funny thing.  Here is how it generally goes.  You wake up early, trying to remember all of the 50 million tasks left to complete.  You run around like a headless chicken, checking off task after task.  You start to feel pretty proud of yourself, and like you actually have time to sit around eating bon bons.  Then, you realize that the people are going to arrive any minute, and you still have lots left to do and you start to panic.  It kills me how we do this every single time.  Still, at the end of the day, everything always seems to work out.  This party is something we have wanted to do for a long time, and we put quite a bit of pressure on ourselves to make everything up to Harry Potter standards.  After much debate, we decided to make the main space in Megan’s house represent all that is Hogwarts, including a much beloved Honeydukes station, Potions class (with Snape’s Potions book), and the Great Hall (note the floating candles).  If you’re dying over those chocolate frogs and Crookshanks hairballs like I am, you should know that Corey’s mom whipped those up for us.

Our friend Roo was the most realistic Sirius ever.  This sign?  He made that with balsa wood.  Serious business people.

I was Luna and Meg was Dolores Umbridge.  That wig was quite rambunctious.

Corey was the lovable Hedwig and Roo’s wife Caitlin was none other than the greatest wizard of all time, Albus Dumbledore.  Thank you ever so much to everyone that came, and for all of your fantastic costumes.  You guys were killing it this year.  Stay tuned tomorrow for part 2.






  1. Sirius B.

    Best night ever! That was EPIC!!!! Why you don’t do that for a living? I don’t know. Well done!

  2. Katie

    Top night ladies! Everything was perfection. I wish I had half of your imagination and talent!

  3. stephanie

    It was great decorating. Really enjoyed it.

  4. Kelly

    New follower here. Now permanent. Anyone who loves Harry and co this much is definitely worth a gander!

  5. christina

    Best Halloween party EVER. Thank you so much for having us! You two were the best hostesses. I think you should leave your decorations up all year. xo

  6. Hedwig

    Whooo hooo whoo hoo whooooooo

  7. Megan

    Thanks so much everyone! Welcome Kelly! Christina, I think at this point there is a good chance they are staying up til next year. The thought of taking everything down seems real bad. Christmas at Hogwarts???? Yes, I think so 🙂

  8. Lindsay Blietz

    Love this! The floating candles are amazing!!!!!

  9. Blair

    Was hoping today was the day you posted about the party. Absolutely gorgeous! Cant wait for part 2.

    I agree with Sirius, why don’t you do this for a living?

  10. Albus Dumbledore

    You guys did an amazing job, as usual. Your Halloween parties are like stepping into another world.

  11. Barack Obama

    I did in fact attend this party, and I approve this message.

  12. Quinn

    Looked awesome!

  13. Lindsey @ be pretty

    LOL’s, I’m dying at the “approved message” by Barack Obama up there! 🙂 The party was amazing… Both Melrose and I (and hubs) were blown away (seriously!!!!) by the deco… I mean the walls? The frames? Everything! I hope the two of you realize that THIS IS your calling in life. Say tata to those 9-5’ers, gals… parties and entertaining is your cup of tea! Couldn’t be more thankful for the wonderful time… thank you ladies SO MUCH for the invite! xoxo

  14. Alaina

    Your decorations were just perfect. I love the candles hanging in the air. Great food labels. I am going to visit for a while looking for some ideas for next year. I hope you had a great time at the party.

  15. Colleen

    Thanks so much Alaina! I will actually be sharing some free printables of a bunch of the signage later this week so be sure to come back for them!

  16. Margaret

    omg. omg. omg. omg.
    doing this.
    pinning this.

  17. Leah

    OMG this is amazing. Wish we were friends.

  18. Megan

    Thanks so much guys!

  19. Brynn Renné {chartreuse & a twist}

    You two are absolutely incredible!!! I am so, so, so impressed…but somehow not surprised ;)…at how AMAZING this turned out!!! I love your note about the day of a party…I happen to know those feelings all too well 😉 XO brynn

  20. Dee Stephens

    WOW!! You guys all out! I love the printables. Did you make them yourself?
    I found you through Carolina Charm, I’m in Charlotte too, your newest follower 🙂

  21. Colleen

    Thanks so much friends! Gosh you are all saying such nice things, we kind of don’t know what to do with ourselves!

  22. Amy M. Burks

    This party was incredible. The potions bar took my breath away!

  23. Erin

    This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. You just rocked my socks off with all of the creativity in this. Awesome!!!

  24. Shaylynn

    this would have been the happiest day of my whole life HAD you invited me. Invite fail on your part.

    Next time invite the random blogger who got an email from her friend telling me to check your party out. Ok!? that’s me. my name is Shay. and I’m free for the 50 Halloweens from here on out. I hear that repeating a theme for a party is very trendy. ? hum.

    This is simply incredible, i’m just saying. Ignore all my sarcasm above.

  25. Megan

    Thanks so much guys! Shay, we most certainly would have invited you had we known you existed in the world at the time we had it. 🙂 Tell your friend thanks for sharing our party. Next year you are definitely on the list. Just remind us. 🙂 I can’t promise we will be having Harry come again though.

  26. Kristen

    It was a seriously amazing party. Decor wise, food, and people wise!! We had so much fun, thank you :)!!

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