New York

A Weekend in the City

Megan and I took a little vacay this weekend to go visit one of my most favorite people, a lovely and charming friend by the name of Kyle. You might remember her from my mention of our brownie shenanigans in high school.  She is now living in NYC and is brilliantly successful, working for a

For the Love of Friday- Guess…

Where Colleen and I are going this weekend. I bet you’ll never guess. Give up??? Image credits 1  2  3  4 We’re taking a sisters’ trip to New York!  We have never been by ourselves together and I have a feeling we are gonna have some fun.  We are also going to get to see

Christmas in New York

I went on a trip to New York over the weekend with my friend Michelle and some of her friends to celebrate her birthday.  I know she wouldn’t want me to mention what birthday it was (so I won’t) but to me she doesn’t look a day over 21.  Anyways, New York was beautiful and