For the Love of Friday

For the Love of Friday- Guess…

Where Colleen and I are going this weekend.

I bet you’ll never guess.

Give up???

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We’re taking a sisters’ trip to New York!  We have never been by ourselves together and I have a feeling we are gonna have some fun.  We are also going to get to see one of our favorite people, a best friend of Colleen’s that we don’t see nearly enough.  Maybe I will take the time to swing by and chat with my special squirrel buddy again.  I feel certain he has been missing me.  We are pretty pumped!  Hold onto your cupcakes, New York, cause we are coming!

Happy Friday!!!

  1. Stephanie G

    You Girls have a fun and safe trip!!!!

  2. Taylor

    eeeek! Fun! I bet that yall will also be visiting Serendipity for that famous frozen hot chocolate. Isn’t that the name of the place? Hope yall have a blast!

  3. megan

    have a great trip!!