Christmas in New York

I went on a trip to New York over the weekend with my friend Michelle and some of her friends to celebrate her birthday.  I know she wouldn’t want me to mention what birthday it was (so I won’t) but to me she doesn’t look a day over 21.  Anyways, New York was beautiful and we had a great time as we always do.  It was also really nice to meet her friends and spend some time getting to know them.  I won’t go through a complete play by play of the trip, but I will show ya’ll some pictures and mention a few important items. Many of the pictures used were actually taken by some of the girls I went with on their fancy Droids and iPhones which somehow frequently took better pictures than my actual camera.  What is up with that??

Item #1:  The plane we took was a puddle jumper.  Don’t know how it happened to us but our flight was called “American Eagle.” For future reference to everyone this also means “Teany Plane.”  This is a concern for someone like myself who is somewhat apprehensive about flying.   The flight actually turned out to be one of the best I’ve been on.  We had to walk in the outside to board.

Us in front of puddle jumper/NY from airplane

Item # 2:  I petted a Central Park squirrel.  Well actually, I scratched his back if we are gonna get technical.  With a stick and not my hand.  I was not about to get rabies.  Some man was doing it and the squirrel was so cute, I decided (upon urging from my group) that I would too.  Why not?

Not sure why this is so blue.

Item #3: Ice skating in Central Park was done as it should always be.  Don’t get sucked into skating at Rockefeller.  It is too small and too big of a wait.  Go Wollman all the way for ice skating.

Item #4:  I am pretty sure I got roofied the first night I was there.  It threw off my vestibular system and I was dizzy for two days after. This was not the ticket.  I don’t have any pictures of this.  Sorry.

Item #5:  New York is pretty.  Especially at Christmastime.  There are amazing displays and beauty twinkle lights everywhere you turn.

Item #6:  I like light fixtures.  Apparently lampposts are included in this.  New York has spectacular light fixtures.   I felt like I spent the entire time looking up.

Item #7: I finally got to go to ABC Carpet and Home.  If you aren’t obsessed with home decor blogs like I am, you probably don’t know or care what this is, but I felt like I was taking a trip to my Mecca.  It was a winter wonderland and I would live there if they would have me.

Did ya’ll notice some more light fixtures snuck in here?

Item #8:  Gaga was at Barney’s.  Like not actually.  But her “Gaga Workshop.”  She was trying to sell me stupid cookies with her face on them for millions of dollars.  I somehow resisted.

Item #9:  Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolates were devoured.  They were still delicious.  Christmas decorations were still beauty magical.

Yes, I think I will.

Item #10:  For those of you that forgot, I petted a squirrel.  He’s my special buddy.

 Celebrity sightings include some guy from “The Closer” who I don’t know, Cheryl Tieg, and Jesse Palmer of football and “The Bachelor” fame.  Jesse was on our plane back to Charlotte.  Michelle swore she saw Gandalf from “Lord of the Rings” in Serendipity, but I believe she was incorrect.  I suppose that is all.  Have a lovely Tuesday.



  1. Colleen

    I enjoy that squirrel.

  2. Stephanie G

    Beautiful!!! I like the squirrel too. Lokks like you guys had lots of fun.

  3. Katie

    I’m jealous you met such a charismatic squirrel. I’m not at all jealous that you went to New York, during the greatest season of the year; not jealous at all:).

  4. Lauren Tate

    I just love you. And this blog. I can hear you ladies talking when I read it. It makes me smile. And so does that chubby little squirrel and that yummy serendipity frozen hot chocolate!

  5. Taylor

    Before I die, I must try this frozen hot chocolate I’ve heard about for years. You are so freakin hilarious Meg. Like Lauren, I can totally (or todes in Bowker speak) hear you and Colleen in all these posts. Looks like yall had a blast. How doyou think Juice and Company would respond to a pet squirrel? Next on the adoption list?