New Years Eve

Calligraphy Practice

I have never been a big resolutions girl.  I think it is a nice idea but have never really taken it super seriously.  My New Years started out a little bit rough this year because I was sick.  And when I say sick, I mean I was down and out.  I honestly don’t remember ever

New Years Eve DIY Roundup

I must admit that it is a little difficult not to feel slightly depressed about the Monday after Christmas.  The wonderful holiday season and the justification of eating unlimited cookies is gone.  Gone gone.  Luckily we have one more night for glittery glitzy sparkliness and indulgence before we have to admit that it is January

We’ll take a cup of kindness yet..

For Auld Lang Syne!  Happy New Years everyone!  We wish you all the very best this year!!         &nbs

For the Love of Friday – A Glittery New Year’s Eve

I think everyone knows that we enjoy sparkles.  Almost every DIY we have posted thus far has contained glitter or sequins in some form or another.  However, when it comes to my wardrobe, one could say that the sparkle is missing.  I am more of a simple girl, usually wearing neutrals and solids.  Therefore, when

Dressed Up Noisemakers {DIY} + Sparkly Lantern {DIY}

The truth of the matter is, while noisemakers are a fun New Years Eve addition, there is nothing particularly newsworthy about them.  Colleen and I decided we were unhappy with this state of affairs.  We wanted fancy noisemakers for a fancy New Years.  I have to say this was one of the most enjoyable DIYs

Quick and Colorful Confetti {DIY}

Back when we were preparing for our photoshoot with Catrina, Meg and I decided to use confetti as one of our props because we loved the way it looked in pictures.  I went to etsy, our usual resource for crafty items when we decide not to make them ourselves (which is pretty rare).  Well, as