New Years Eve

New Years Eve DIY Roundup

I must admit that it is a little difficult not to feel slightly depressed about the Monday after Christmas.  The wonderful holiday season and the justification of eating unlimited cookies is gone.  Gone gone.  Luckily we have one more night for glittery glitzy sparkliness and indulgence before we have to admit that it is January which to be honest has never been one of my favorites.  Sorry January.  You put far too much pressure on me to go to the gym.  That’s mean.  We have some small plans which hopefully include a cute outfit which will definitely be coming from items already in my closet because I am currently on a spending FREEZE.   I would say it was self imposed but it is actually bank account imposed.  Anywho, I am getting super side tracked today.  Colleen and I have not had any time over Christmas to do any New Years DIYs for you guys but there are plenty of fun ones already circulating the internet so I thought we would just share some of them with y’all in case you have missed them.

New Years DIYs


1. A pretty and easy tray diy from House of Earnest for your New Years bar cart.  Who doesn’t love a tray?

2. You should probably make one of these fun and different party hats.  One is made from packing material that you most likely already have on hand from all the millions of Christmas presents for others (and yourself) that you ordered from the internets.

3.  Snowflake decor made from pipe cleaners.  Maybe we just leave these pretties up all the way through January.

4. Giant sequin diy for your wall.  Giant sequins.  Enough said.

5.  Confetti wands for the big moment.  This looks super fun and super messy.

Hopefully some of these great ideas will help y’all make your New Years even more festive.


  1. Colleen

    Absolute depression. Pretty collage though. I wouldn’t mind making one of those hats.

  2. Laura @ Simply Lowcountry

    I am on spending freeze too. Too much holiday shopping this year 🙂 I always look forward to New Years Eve since it’s the last “big holiday” before jumping into a dry spell of holidays for a few months. Love the confetti DIY!


  3. rox

    great round up! #2 is super cute….and I love #5. nothing says NYE like a big ol’ mess.