For the Love of Friday

For the Love of Friday – A Glittery New Year’s Eve

I think everyone knows that we enjoy sparkles.  Almost every DIY we have posted thus far has contained glitter or sequins in some form or another.  However, when it comes to my wardrobe, one could say that the sparkle is missing.  I am more of a simple girl, usually wearing neutrals and solids.  Therefore, when I started to ponder my outfit for New Year’s Eve, since we actually plan to go out this year, I immediately decided that I needed some sparkle.

Of course I have not done any shopping yet, but I have big aspirations to go to the mall and find a sparkly skirt or dress.  Or maybe the whole outfit of either of these girls.  Have never thought to put a huge bow on my head but maybe it is what my life is missing??

Maybe a sparkle skirt with a blazer?  I have been meaning to purchase a black blazer for about 5 years.  Maybe now is the time.  They always make an outfit look so put together.

And obviously there will be something sparkly in my hair.  In my dream world I would be wearing these Kate Spade shoes.  I love them so much that I almost purchased them for the wedding but decided they would be too busy with my flowery, lacey wedding dress.

What are you guys planning to wear for New Year’s Eve?  And also, does anyone know where I can find a beauty sparkle skirt?

Happy Friday and Happy New Year!


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  1. Taylor

    You should definitely get some sparkles! They make everyone feel pretty 🙂 Happy New Year to two of my favorite lady tots in this nation.

  2. C-Cat

    This post really only focused on females; what about guys. Is it alright for guys to wear sparkles, because I do not believe I have ever seen clothing options to buy that had sparkles on them

  3. Megan

    C-Cat, we will definitely find you something sparkly. You will turn all the heads. 🙂
    Tay-bop, you should come out with us!
    LRT- You are such a button! Happy New Year to you beautiful!

  4. Colleen

    Thanks Lindsey! Taylor, I am working on my sparkliness. Hopefully I will be able to step it up. C-Cat, I am sorry you are feeling discriminated against. I feel certain that you could wear sparkles if your heart so desired.

  5. Emily

    Oh, I love all of these sparkles! I am always afraid to buy sparkly clothing because I worry that it will fall apart, but it certainly is adorable. I love that huge black bow, and I kind of want one exactly like it now. I hope you find the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit! I will be spending it at home with my family. No fancy party to go to. I have no life. But I ought to dress up anyway! I think I will.


  6. Lindsay

    Love some sparkles! I stopped by Francesca’s earlier this week and they hash several sparkley items!

  7. Stephanie G

    Have a GREAT; sparkley; fun and safe NEW YEAR!!!

  8. Megan

    Emily, hope you got to wear something cute either way. Sometimes a New Years at home is the best.
    Stephanie and Lindsay, Happy New Year! Lines, when we starting wedding projects?