Megan & Chris Wedding

Bridesmaid Dress Options

So we went to Charleston this weekend to go wedding dress shopping and Megan found her dress!!!!!  We had appointments at two bridal stores and ended up finding her dress at Southern Protocol, which is the most beautiful little bridal shop right in the heart of Charleston.  The two owners were there giving us (or

Wedding Wednesday – Colors

So apparently an individual’s wedding colors are a big deal in the wedding planning world.  This is something I didn’t realize until I got engaged.  My vendors as well as anyone that I discuss the wedding with wants to know what my colors are.  The only problem is I’m still not really sure what they

Wedding Wednesday – Vintage Stamps

The thing about wedding planning is that it can get a little daunting.  When I start to think about ALL of the things that need to be done between now and then, I can sometimes become a little overwhelmed and shut down.    Let’s take caterers for instance.  The ones I have been getting estimates

Meg and Chris’s Engagement Party

As per usual, time is speeding by like a freight train.  Our friends Lauren, Taylor, Caitlin, Emily, and I threw an engagement party for Meg and Chris on Saturday which was so fun but I kind of can’t believe it happened already.  I’m telling you what, having 5 hostesses is the ticket.  (Thanks ladies!)  All I

Wedding Wednesday- Decor Dilemma

Hi everyone!  I am still alive over here.  I have just been continuing to swim in a sea of calligraphy envelopes during any spare minute I have.  During moments where I take a break and usually during my lunch break for work (when I am not doing paperwork), I have been pinning up some wedding