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Wedding Wednesday – Vintage Stamps

The thing about wedding planning is that it can get a little daunting.  When I start to think about ALL of the things that need to be done between now and then, I can sometimes become a little overwhelmed and shut down.    Let’s take caterers for instance.  The ones I have been getting estimates from have been absolutely wonderful.  Very responsive and sending me everything I need.  In fact, one of them sent me a lovely email 2 weeks ago.  The problem is I still haven’t responded.  I am the worst bride ever.  I think it all stems from my procrastination problem where I avoid things if I can’t make a decision.  Whatever the case, one thing I have spent hours upon hours researching is something that is silly and purely optional and has no real impact on the actual day.  That is vintage stamps.  Y’all… I may have spent a total for 1 hour looking at wedding dresses online so far, but I have become laser focused on locating the perfect vintage stamps for my invitation suite which I haven’t even designed yet.  I have a disorder.  Plus vintage stamps cost money.  Don’t tell Chris though.  I plan to tell him it costs $1 for all of them.   Shhh.  Now luckily I also have a reasonable side and my reasonable side said that since I really enjoy the nice and new and neutral rose stamp that the post office just released, I should buy enough of those that I can just add a couple of other stamps keeping the cost down somewhat for postage.  So I did and I have them tucked away for safe keeping.




Photos via Oh So Beautiful Paper

But let’s go back to talking about the vintage ones.  The question I am having is, should I choose ones that go with the colors of the wedding (“wedding colors” is a whole other issue) or ones that fit our personalities.  Or maybe really nail it and try to find ones that fit both.  It is quite tricky, isn’t it?  If you are having this problem yourself, there are a few websites that I have found on Etsy that are awesome for buying vintage stamps.  Verde Studio sells them in sets of stamps that look good together or fit a theme.  The owner will also design a custom combo for you if you want.  Treasure Fox is similar except you can also buy sheets of stamps.  Ebay is also a good place to look and you can browse the stamp section by category or by the Scott number, which you can google.  Lots of sellers only use the Scott number so this is a very helpful thing to know.  This post from Oh So Beautiful Paper was helpful to me as well.

I will end this post with a promise to focus on more important things going forward.  Have a wonderful day.


  1. Katie

    They are all so beautiful! If you know your wedding colors and like stamps that match go with those. If you don’t know your colors yet, but really want to buy the stamps go with something that matches your personalities!

  2. Sarah

    I completely understand your need for vintage stamps. 🙂