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Wedding Wednesday- Decor Dilemma

Hi everyone!  I am still alive over here.  I have just been continuing to swim in a sea of calligraphy envelopes during any spare minute I have.  During moments where I take a break and usually during my lunch break for work (when I am not doing paperwork), I have been pinning up some wedding decor inspiration photos like crazycakes.  Unfortunately, I have not started gathering or creating actual wedding decor things because the pictures I like seem to kinda be all over the place.  A modern black and white stripe here, a pop of color there, a romantic hand dyed ribbon and wildflowers situation mixed with a glittery gold glam situation.  Just when I think I am gravitating towards one thing, I see something else I like and I totally lose my focus.  I’m gonna go ahead and blame wedding blogs since it is all so good looking.  I am starting to understand more why people hire a full service wedding planner to take care of it.  So basically I need to do some serious editing of my vision before our wedding turns into a decor train wreck.  And don’t even get me started on my invitations and stationary.  It is almost at the point where every guest will be receiving a different invitation so I can use all of the styles I like.  So the question I have is, for those of you who have already gotten married or planned a big event, how did you narrow down all of the styles you liked to create something more cohesive?  I need some serious types of help.

wedding decor dilemma_edited-1


  1. Kim

    You might start with what time of day, type of ceremony, you want for this shindig to take place. For me, the beautiful, bright colors lend themselves more toward a less formal, daytime setting, while the darker settings are more formal or “evening” oriented. That is not to say that an evening wedding reception cannot have some whimsy, or an afternoon wedding cannot be formal. Oh my, I don’t think I’ve helped you at all with this. I will say, pretty much anything goes these days so choose something that makes you happy and I’m sure it will be lovely!

  2. Lisa@intotheglade

    The pinks and black look beautiful together. I think they have a very classic feel to them. They are all beautiful and I can’t wait to see what you do choose x

  3. Stephanie

    The bottom 2 remind me of you. I like the idea of invitations being different since you are making them! Makes them special! I like the suggestion to state with time of day for color. It would also make a difference the how formal it is. Take in consideration the decor of the venue also.

  4. Jenn

    I love the top right image but it really depends on your venue, your dress, and your style. Think of a few ideas that are personal to you and your man, and then see if that concept takes you to a color story or style of decor. First date? Inside joke? Nicknames? Those personal stories can launch your larger style!

  5. Taylor

    I don’t know squat about planning a wedding but I will say my first thought was, “bottom right looks very Meg’s.”