Feminine Friday

Feminine Friday: Amy Schumer

I think we are all now in love with Amy Schumer. If you aren’t, you should be. As a comedian, she is quite a bit more crude than I normally like, and I actually didn’t love her the first time I saw her. But since then she has absolutely won me over. She is smart

Feminine Friday: The Grimke Sisters

President Obama came to visit Charlotte this week to speak about many topics, including gender equality in the workplace.  One of my favorite parts of his speech was: In terms of your daughters, look, you’ve got to remind your daughters that things aren’t always perfectly fair, but people who are determined can make them fair.  So

Feminine Friday: Guess Who

Happy Friday!  Just wanted to pop in for q quick little post about a story I heard this week.  Now this is an old story.  Several years old.  So some of you may have heard about it and if you did, then I apologize for my being late to the game.  Anyways, this story is

Introducing Feminine Friday

Happy Friday!  Colleen and I have been bouncing around the idea of doing something like this for awhile now but we haven’t quite been sure how we want to go about it.  See the truth of things is that we have always been feminists.  Which I think comes as no surprise to anyone as we