Feminine Friday

Introducing Feminine Friday

Happy Friday!  Colleen and I have been bouncing around the idea of doing something like this for awhile now but we haven’t quite been sure how we want to go about it.  See the truth of things is that we have always been feminists.  Which I think comes as no surprise to anyone as we are in fact women.  However, saying you are a feminist somehow sometimes can be offensive to people and it has developed a (in our minds ridiculous) negative connotation.  And we hate that.  Because our feminism doesn’t have anything to do with not liking men.  In fact we love men and have been very fortunate to have been surrounded by men currently and throughout our lives (Thanks Daddy) that lift us up and fully agree that we capable of doing whatever we want and doing it as well as anyone else.  And we believed them so we did.  But it can be difficult to ignore all of the noise around us, mostly little things but sometimes big, that all add up over time and can make you believe that women are less than.  When you look up a definition for feminine, it typically says something about being pretty and delicate.  While we agree that women are quite pretty, we would like to argue that delicate is not a good representation of women at all.  So what we would like to try to do is use Feminine Fridays to lift women up and create a new idea or definition of what it means to be feminine.  Cause the existing one kinda sucks.

Feminine Friday


  1. Victoria

    I love this and completely agree. I never understood the negativity associated with feminism. Why do some people feel you have to put down one group of people in order to elevate another? It’s about EQUALITY. Everyone should have equal opportunity and respect. Period.
    I’m so looking forward to these posts and your ‘new’ ideas of femininity! <3

  2. Jenn

    I am 100% behind you guys and excited to see what you post going forward! As I have been working longer, I realize how much still needs to be done to help women — not just in the work place but in day to day social life too. I see little things all the time that are socially acceptable, but totally offensive to women. For example, on ESPN the other day a student held up a sign in the crowd that said “UConn Girls are Husky.” Sure I get it, so clever. But if you stop and think about it why is that sign ok? It was just there, in the background the entire time, kind of mockingly announcing how acceptable its presence was. These are the kind of things I’d like to see our generation change — it’s not easy challenging the norm but we have more of a voice than ever! Jenn at East Meets South

  3. Daffney

    I love this. Love love love it.