For the Love of Friday- Happy Easter

From these baby bunnies.  Look at them and realize how much better their cuteness is making your life.  You’re welcome. Image credits  1  2  3  4  5  6 Another quick word on bunnies.  The average indoor bunny has a lifespan of 10-12 years (similar to a dog) and the average bunny bought for an Easter

Easter Quickie

We don’t typically do a lot of Easter decorating around here and to be honest with you, I am not really sure why.  Something about all the pastels together in one place has never really appealed to me I suppose.  The super dumbest thing about my lack of Easter decorating is that I LOVE bunnies.

For the Love of Friday- Happy Easter!!

Easter is usually a pretty relaxing holiday for us.  We never travel anywhere or have any big plans.  We generally get together at our parents’ house for brunch and to go on our Easter basket hunt.  Yeah, we still hunt for Easter baskets.  We surely are not ashamed and demand nothing less from our Easter