Gold Leaf Cloud Art DIY

When I finished my mirror gallery wall, I had one extra little space that felt like it needed something.  So I started trying to think of something I could make quickly with a tiny canvas I had that was the perfect size for the spot.  Immediately I thought of some seriously beautiful cloud art by

Gold Bart Cart DIY

Today I’ve got another gem for you from my lovely husband.  He just keeps bringing it with these DIYs.  What am I doing?  Eating donuts.  I will continue to shamelessly profit from his hard work.   Hello again, it’s me, Colleen’s husband. I was picking out a fantastic outfit (Editor’s Note – Likely a shirt

Brooklyn Limestone Contribution- Watercolor Tea Towels

Hey y’all!  My latest DIY for Brooklyn Limestone is up today.  I created a watercolored tea towel and calligraphed a summery quote to iron on the towel as well.  I made it as a free printable for ironing on cloth and also created a version that you can just print out and frame if you would

Color Block Glasses DIY fail

We all have moments where things don’t necessarily go the way we want them to.  I feel like these moments become even more evident when I am doing a DIY.  Sure, it is fun to make things look like they always go swimmingly.  But facts are, that is far from the truth.  Frequently, Colleen and

Brooklyn Limestone Contribution: Sea Glass Bottles DIY

This month’s contributor post is up on Brooklyn Limestone today!  Yay!  I made some plain glass bottles look like fancy sea glass bottles that have been floating around in the ocean.  I like them and I hope y’all do too.  Go check it out if you please. &nbs

Bronzed Coffee Mugs {DIY}

I think Corey is either trying to be the best husband in the world or he is sick of Megan and I not fulfilling our DIY quota like we should be, so he has decided to take the matter into his own hands and do yet another DIY.  A super attractive one I might add.