Crafting our Christmas

Copper Wire Ornament {DIY}

So I think we can all agree that things that are copper are attractive.  It’s kind of like a rule.  After seeing a copper wire bicycle ornament somewhere this year (maybe West Elm?) I decided to make my own copper wire ornaments.  Except sculpting a bicycle seemed like a stretch for my artistic talents.  A

An Ornament Decorating Affair

This past weekend, Colleen and I had an Ornament Decorating Party.  We started out with the intention of getting some close girl friends together for some girly crafting and gossip time.  The list of attendees was small to begin with.  It was to be Colleen and I along with 5 of our friends.  Last week,

The Making of My Sparkle Village

I will not call this a DIY because I basically just used already made products and put them together.  The only thing that I crafted were my trees.  It all started when I was on the internet researching options for things I might want to purchase on my journey to ABC Carpet and Home in New

Anthropologie Mason Jar Snow Globe {DIY}

I was at Anthropologie a few weeks ago and noticed these… And I thought to myself, “Those people are crazy inside their heads if they think anyone would pay $38 for that.”  Well, enough people paid $38 for them that they are sold out on the website.  I will admit that they are adorable.  I

Illuminated Snowflake Garland {DIY}

Meg and I really love to craft our Christmas.  Last year we started to glitter anything and everything in our path.  This year, while glitter still maintains a large presence (as well it should), we have started to incorporate more and more snow related crafts.  Meg dreamed up this craft in her brilliant head, which