Copper Wire Ornament {DIY}

So I think we can all agree that things that are copper are attractive.  It’s kind of like a rule.  After seeing a copper wire bicycle ornament somewhere this year (maybe West Elm?) I decided to make my own copper wire ornaments.  Except sculpting a bicycle seemed like a stretch for my artistic talents.  A big stretch.  So instead I decided to make me some words.  Cause I love words on the Christmas tree.

Copper Wire Ornament diy frame | Two Delighted_edited-1

What you’ll need:

– Copper wire- I bought mine in the picture hanging section of Lowes.  One package made 4 ornaments with a good bit left over.  I probably could have made at least 7.  It was less than $5.

– Wire clippers

That’s it, ya’ll.

Copper wire ornament diy wire | Two Delighted

What you’ll do:

Copper wire ornament diy 1 | Two Delighted1.  So really I just starting playing with the wire and twisting it around like I was writing in cursive.  I didn’t have too much trouble.  I think if you are a little unsure, you could write the word on paper in cursive and just try to follow your guide with the wire.

2.  When you get to a point that the wire seems to be pulling apart from each other, wrap it around an appropriate part of the letter you are working on to secure it.

3.  When you finish your word, hang the wire with string and put it wherever.  I even just stuck one of mine in the tree with no string and it sat in there just fine.

This was actually pretty fun and therapeutic to bend the wire and see how my letters formed.  The only thing to watch out for is if you bend your wire and then find out you don’t like the way it looks, there will be a little kink in it when you straighten it back out.  You will have to smooth it back the best you can.  It went best when I thought out each letter before I started working on it.

Copper wire ornament diy 2

Copper wire ornament diy 4 | Two Delighted

Copper wire ornament diy joy | Two Delighted

Copper wire ornament xmas | Two Delighted

copper wire ornament diy frame 3 | Two DelightedI am not sure it gets any more simple than that.  If any of y’all have an extra time this weekend (yeah right.  It’s the hoildays!) and love copper the way I do, you should really give it a go.  Let me know if anyone works out how to make a bicycle.  I will be super impressed.




  1. Kel

    soooo crafty and lovely

  2. Secret admirer

    You are talented as hell

  3. Kristen

    Very pretty! I love it!

  4. Stephanie

    It looks great!

  5. Marilyn

    I watched you doodling with the wire and can not believe you created such lovely decorations! Very cool.