Whipped Cream Mousse Frosting

This weekend, Colleen and I went to the wedding of a good buddy of ours.  It was a lovely wedding but I must admit one of my favorite parts (okay, my favorite part) was definitely the cake.  Oh, the cake.  It was made by the groom’s sister and considering there were 300 people at this

Cait and Roo’s Brewery Baby Shower

This past summer when one of my best friends found out she was pregnant, she sent me a picture of a cake from pinterest and said, “When I have a baby shower, will you make me a colorful cake like this?”  Well, obviously I said yes.  Who am I to deny a pregnant lady? So

Little Letter Cupcake Toppers {DIY}

I like to refer to April as “the month of cake.”  It seems that at least twice a week in April each year, I find myself indulging in some form of cake.  Mostly this is because of the various individuals in my life (including myself) who have April birthdays.  This quite obviously makes it one

Happy Birthday Meg! (plus Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Frosting)

As the younger sister, I spent a large part of my life looking up to Megan and even emulating her.  Those pink plaid bell bottoms that I wore in 6th grade were only worn in attempt to be as cool as my high school sister, and I’ll bet you wouldn’t be able to tell us

Banana Cake of My Dreams

A few weeks ago, I found this recipe on Pinterest and I had honestly been thinking about it ever since.  Last Wednesday, I was having my friends over for dinner so I decided I should probably make it then so that I would have people to help me eat it (and not devour it all

Rose Water Vanilla Cupcakes

Lately we have been seriously hankering for some cake.  We wanted to try something a little different so we decided to bake rose water cupcakes.  We felt like this would be simple (not a lot of silly ingredients or directions)  and also something that is very appropriate for Valentine’s Day.  After all, what says Valentine’s