Whipped Cream Mousse Frosting

This weekend, Colleen and I went to the wedding of a good buddy of ours.  It was a lovely wedding but I must admit one of my favorite parts (okay, my favorite part) was definitely the cake.  Oh, the cake.  It was made by the groom’s sister and considering there were 300 people at this wedding, I consider that to be an amazing feat.  Particularly considering it was probably the best wedding cake I have ever eaten.  The cake itself was moist and delicious but the frosting put it over the top.  It was sweet, light, creamy perfection.  She shared the recipe with a friend of ours and when I got home, I immediately started looking for the exact recipe on the internets.  I am not sure I found it exactly, but this one I found sounds extremely close so I thought I would share it with y’all today.  Believe me when I tell you you need it.  The frosting I ate apparently had cream cheese flavored pudding mix in it but the original recipe I found here called for vanilla.  Also, I was surprised and how well it held together with such a large cake.  One of them was 4 tiers if I remember correctly.  I suspect that she did not use the whipped topping.  I would instead increase the amount of whipping cream if you needed your frosting to be more stable without refrigeration.  If I ever find out the exact answers to this, I will definitely let y’all know.  Without further ado…

Whipped Cream Mousse Frosting


  1. citron rose bleu (Brynn)

    Okay, now I am craving cake! And I am back on the no sugar wagon… thanks a lot, ladies 😉 lol! XO