Thoughts on Empathy

The other day, I was having a discussion with my mom, as we often do, about how our weeks had been going.  We both noted that, disappointingly, we had been having experiences with people who seemed to be lacking in their ability to empathize.  She mentioned an article that she had recently read about how

For the Love of Friday- Favorite Children’s Books

I must admit I still love to read children’s books.  Oftentimes more than grown up books.   Some of my most cherished childhood memories involve books and I guess it makes me nostalgic.  Looking back at our favorite books from when we were little, Colleen and I realized that many children’s books in the 80’s

In the stacks

There is something so romantic about stacks of worn old books.  I am not sure that there is anything cozier than a room chock full of shelves and shelves of them with a squishy chair to read in.  In the land of my dreams, I own an victorian era home with its very own library