Megan & Chris Wedding Decor

There were a few decor items that I pretty much had my heart set on from the beginning and they included handmade paper, silk ribbon, and wispy greens. We used soft pinks, dusty rose, purples, and gray tones, and a touch of black to keep things from getting overly sweet.   Obviously there were a few calligraphy elements which seemed inevitable and were happily free cause I know a guy (me). But I think we can all agree after seeing the photos that the real star of the show was the florals.  I had a meeting with Melanie from New Creations Flower Co. way back last summer and shared my Pinterest board and talked about some flowers I liked, but good grief, did she nail it.   The bouquets, centerpieces and touches of greenery she placed were so exquisite and completely exceeded my expectations.  Our cakes were made by Wow Factor Cakes and they were as delicious as they were beautiful.  I liked the look of multiple cakes and we almost didn’t do a big cake, but Chris, who knows of my great love affair with cake and is the best husband ever, felt it necessary that we really did it up so I didn’t have any regrets.  We had a heck of a time nailing down the design because I was all over the place but ended up going with something traditional and a bit Frenchy looking.  Amy from Wow Factor suggested that we incorporate the shape from the mirror that was the backdrop for the cake table in with the monogram to bring cohesion and I thought it was perfect.  All signs, table numbers, and escort cards were made by Colleen and I using a touch of gray watercolor and bits of gold leaf.  The deliciously thick and textured handmade paper with deckled edges was purchased from Fabulous Fancy Pants and it is really hard to tell how yummy it is in pictures but for those of you who are paper lovers, it is a dream.  One special touch that I did which inevitably ended up being more time consuming than I anticipated was calligraphing everyone’s name on a ribbon to tie around their napkins for the placecards.  My delightful mother sewed all of the gray chiffon table runners which added a bit of an airy texture to the tables.  She also arranged the escort card tree for me the morning of the wedding while I was getting beautified.  Thanks Mom!  I also wanted to mention that our day of coordinator from Separk, Holly, worked so hard to put all the decor out as I specified on my crazy person bride document that I made and I really appreciated her so much.  She did all that on top of making sure things ran super smoothly on the wedding day which I can only imagine was quite a feat.  As usual I completely overdid it on pictures this post, which were by our amazing photographer Allison Kuhn, so here is hoping that this post doesn’t make your computer or iPhone freeze up.

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  1. Colleen

    So freaking good Meg. I can’t with how beautiful everything turned out. Completely stunning.

  2. Katie

    There were so many great personal touches. You all really did a fabulous job putting it all together. I still dream about those flowers!